Spiritual Covering

Mando & Marcia Matthews

Romando and Marcia are directors of Ekballo Pasadena, a missional base housing the Ekballo House of Prayer and ministry School of Prayer & Harvest in Pasadena, California. Mando leads Hope California, a movement galvanizing the church in California to reach the lost through prayer and massive evangelism. He also oversees The Upper Room Network (TURN), an intercessory network dedicated to praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit unto a great harvest. Having been a missionary and the director of a house of prayer at the University of Southern California, Mando is dedicated to catalyzing the convergence of prayer and evangelism as a key to the great harvest.

Mando and Marcia are worshipers at heart and have written songs, led worship, arranged music, and directed choirs of children and adults.
Mando and Marcia have been married for 19 years and have six children.